4 places in Melbourne to watch the AusOpen on a budget

There’s no better place than courtside to watch the Australian Open, but if you’re on a budget there’s a few other places you can still get in the spirit of things without dropping $500 on a ticket. So if you’ve missed out on a ticket, they’re a bit out of the budget or you just prefer to watch it a bit closer to the bar, we’ve got you covered on all the best spots to watch!
1. Healing Bar, The Village Melbourne
With the bar open 24hrs a day, and screens all around, this is the perfect spot for a traveller to watch a game of tennis. Meet people from around the world as you watch, or play a bit of table tennis to get into the swing of it.
2. Great Northern Hotel
With loads of food and specials to keep you fuelled for lunch and dinner this is a great spot to veg out on some tennis. The sunny beer garden is the perfect spot to celebrate a victory, or chill out after a match.
3. Richmond Club Hotel
This classic sporting pub has you covered for this AusOpen! With a rooftop, beer garden and dining room, you can watch the game from any part of this venue, with crowds to create the atmosphere as if you were at the real thing.
4. Public House
This spot is playing the game live all around the venue, and is also providing the good vibes to go along with it. With a tapas style food menu, and an extensive drink list you won’t want to leave even after the games are over.