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We love gathering our Villagers in the name of making mates. So thats what this is, a little meet-cute.

Get the local lowdown with our guided adventures. Our team are taking you out and about to see your new home.

Hungry for friendship? and burgers?
Then you’ll love this. We’re cooking you dinner, so put your feet up and get chatting.

Wine makes us feel like better artists, so we figure it will do the same for you. No need to be a pro to enjoy!

Throughout we dream up some incredible themed parties for all occasions. Easter, World cup, Taylor swift, you name it.

Its time for some movie magic.
Grab a perch and try not to finish your popcorn during the ads.

All year round we are helping you achieve your goals. From yoga to surfing and everything in between.

We love helping our community, and often our Villagers want to too. Join us in giving back.

Roll the dice with us, or not, we have lots of great classic games to play. Monopoly cheats are not encouraged.

Start your day off right with us! We are putting out a fabulous breakfast spread to get you going.